Email: (Cheap source for Captain Mike’s books)

 RECOMMENDED SITE for bargain hunters!320bookPIX

There is an on-line store called:


Here is link to the on-line place (The Captain’s Flightbag) where you can find some really nice bargains on Captain Mike’s MOST POPULAR BOOKS. These are BRAND, NEW COIL BOUND (color and black/white) editions!


This link (CLICK HERE) will take you to Captain Mike Ray’s catalog of books available on, which is one of the world’s largest seller of books … and a great place to purchase “used” and “bargain priced new” copies of ALL his books. offers prompt and inexpensive shipping!!! I recommend you take a look and see if you can order my stuff at a price that is better than my website.


One of the BIGGEST complaints about my books is that they simply COST TOO MUCH!!   Here is a place where you can find a price-cutting option. Now you don’t have any excuse for not learning how to fly your jet airliner “JUST LIKE THE PROS“.

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