DOWNLOADstorePossibly one of the most annoying things about ordering from a website is paying the postage. Sometimes the cost to ship an item actually exceeds the cost of the item. Here are a coupla tips to help avoid excess costs and get some of Captain Mike’s Stuff into your hand quickly;

First tip: DOWNLOAD the item. There is a very nicely laid out “DOWNLOAD STORE” imbedded in the website. Click this link to go directly to the store option.

Second tip: Go to or use the phone or on-line connection to your local bookstore and order the book. For example: Go down to the Barnes and Noble bookstore (or any bookstore that orders from “books in Print”). They may not have the book in stock; BUT they can order hard copy editions for delivery at their store without “shipping” charges.

Third tip: Use an on-line bookstore such as (click here for link). They have unusually inexpensive shipping … sometimes FREE; particularly if you are a regular customer or order several books at the same time.

Finally, the bottom line BEST tip: Go ahead and order the book from my website, and realize that the books are so darned good that they are worth every cent! I ship the books using least expensive USPS Priority.

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