Captain Mike’s Bio (Who cares???)

Welcome to the “University of Temecula Press” website.

There actually is not a University or a bookstore or a publishing company. The whole enterprise exists in my garage and was made up by me simply as a way to present stuff that is of interest to me … Mike Ray. That’s it. The website is simply a way for my to give you access to my stuff. That being said, a short Bio might be in order for those who care (all 6 of you) … so here goes.

Who is Captain Mike Ray?

He is pretty much a common ordinary garden-variety pilot and who has spent most of his adult life strapped to the seats of a whole bunch of fantastic, wonderful different airplanes. All he ever wanted to be was a pilot. He loved airplanes and aviation from the day he first knew there were such things. He was one of those few fortunate human beings to have lived out his dreams.

While passing through his high school years, he met this angelic creature who captured his heart. Some years later he was fortunate enough to convince her to marry him. Their adventure in life still continues after 50 marvelous years … and along the way they managed to create two gorgeous daughters and in turn were joined in their life journey by four incredibly beautiful grand children. His heart is full.

His last assignment was flying left seat on a 747-400, and since retirement from a major airline, he loves to share his 37+ years of experiences. Talking with and writing for those interested about some of the stuff he learned has become an full time occupation for him. Having spent his life flying some of the most interesting airplanes and incredible airliners he is always eager to share what his experiences with others (mostly other airplane addicts).

Captain Mike says, “Generally speaking, I have concentrated on passing information and thoughts about flying to the Flight Simulator community and young people…because I think that they are the future of aviation. I try hard to be the kind of guy that I would have wanted to know when I was a kid.”



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