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9 BOOK BUNDLE: Here is a really terrific collection of Captain Mike’s “airplane books”  … including the really popular “737NG Training Syllabus” as a part of the “9 Book Bundle”. By ordering these BLACK and WHITE PAPERBACK versions, and having the books delivered directly from the printer […]

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757/767 Pilot Handbook … COLOR edition

Now offering the latest edition of the “757/767 Pilot Handbook” in hard-copy coil-bound full color. There are over 400 pages filled … no, make that “crammed” … full of graphics, illustrated diagrams, and technical data. All those delicious details that aviation fanatics absolutely love. The “COLOR COIL […]

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Possibly one of the most annoying things about ordering from a website is paying the postage. Sometimes the cost to ship an item actually exceeds the cost of the item. Here are a coupla tips to help avoid excess costs and get some of Captain Mike’s Stuff […]

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Here is the idea of “DOLLAR DOWNLOADS”. Occasionally, Pilot-Simmers just want to take a look at some specific topic in isolation …. they don’t want to buy a whole book. Here is a place where you can pick-up an 6 or 10 page article that will give […]

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 RECOMMENDED SITE for bargain hunters! There is an on-line store called: “CAPTAIN’S FLIGHT BAG” Here is link to the on-line place (The Captain’s Flightbag) where you can find some really nice bargains on Captain Mike’s MOST POPULAR BOOKS. These are BRAND, NEW COIL BOUND (color and black/white) […]

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“737NG Training Syllabus” errata (correcting a mistake).

Step 15: Page 327 … Changed “runway 16” to “runway 35”. Hmmmm. I don’t think this item is a truly a BIG deal, but if you are confused, then the whole description becomes problematic. So, just in case I might have made the situation worse or you […]

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RECENT updates and future projects.

Here is the way that this whole publishing thing is “spose to work. Because the print runs are very small, the whole process allows for “continually” up-dating and re-writing the manuals and books. Thanks to some of you terrific guys out there who are passing on to […]

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SLAM DUNK articles

If there is anything that is a surprise to the unsuspecting aviator, it is the difficulty in flying the High Energy Downwind Entry Visual Approach. Here are three articles that may give pilots the edge when confronted with this common clearance.  Covered here are individualized articles written […]

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GOOGLE TRANSLATOR version of website!

OMIGOSH!!! My website is now viewable in other languages. Thanks to “GOOGLE TRANSLATE” it is possible to read my website in just about any language on earth! FANTASTIC!!!! Click here to go to a French translation as an example. Once you are there, you can select from […]

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