b86-e1429701869991-292x300Here is the idea of “DOLLAR DOWNLOADS”.

Occasionally, Pilot-Simmers just want to take a look at some specific topic in isolation …. they don’t want to buy a whole book. Here is a place where you can pick-up an 6 or 10 page article that will give a preview on a specific part of the aviation/simulation world. I have prepared the material so that it is presented in a pdf “magazine” format … lots of pictures and graphics along with tons of detail and information that I think may be useful to the reader. This is available in a format allows the information to be viewed on an e-reader, i-phone, or PC monitor. Although some of the information is “FREE” or might cost more than a buck; I still call these articles: “DOLLAR DOWNLOADS”,

Once I have written about 20 or so new articles (150 – 200  pages of information), I put that information stream into a more manageable “collection” that I call “AIRPLANE STUFF”download version and “AIRPLANE STUFF 2” download version. Also available is the hard-copy book versions: “AIRPLANE STUFF” book and “AIRPLANE STUFF 2” book.

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