RECENT updates and future projects.

Here is the way that this whole publishing thing is “spose to work. Because the print runs are very small, the whole process allows for “continually” up-dating and re-writing the manuals and books. Thanks to some of you terrific guys out there who are passing on to me your thoughts and pointing out mistakes and typos in the documents, there is always a steady stream of changes and improvements to be made …and there are always “NEW” projects in the works. The production concept goal is to create material that is not only appealing to the Flight Sim Community as well as the Professional Airline Pilot … but include material that reflects the most current information that is available.

Here is wh747coverCOLORat is new for flight simmers: a complete re-write of the “747-400 Pilot Handbook” and “757/767 Pilot Handbook”. Both books have improved the graphics and additional up-dated detailing in the procedures and tech. They will both be available in full color (at a discounted price to website visitors) as well as the less expensive Black/white. The books are beautiful in color!!!!

In order to enhance the functionality and usefulness of the “DOWNLOAD” versions, the process is underway to create ePub and other versions of all the materials in order to accommodate the “hand held phone” users as well as offering enhanced pdf versions for the desktop PC guys. This is a challenge for me, since the end product should be usable in all available venues … including cell-phone APPs.

New projects: “777 Pilot Handbook”. In production with release “sometime” this year. This will offer even the most critical and nit-noid sim “expert” all the information about procedures and systems, as well as “how to get her to fly”. As with all this stuff, it will be a product that replicates “REALITY” as much as possible.


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